An Official web Portal of Sirohi-District.
An Official web Portal of Sirohi-District.


Map of Sirohi

Sirohi district is situated at the south-west part of Rajasthan between parallel of 24o 20' and 25o 17' North Latitude and 72o 16' and 73o 10' East Longitude.It has an area of 5139 km's (2009 sq. miles) and is the third smallest district of Rajasthan. It is the third smallest district of Rajasthan, after Dungarpur and Banswara.

Sirohi is bounded by district Pali in the north-east, district Udaipur in east, Jalore in west and Banaskantha district of Gujarat in the south. The total geographical area of the district is 5139 sq. kms.It covers about 1.52 percent of the total area of Rajasthan.

In 1948 Sirohi was removed from Rajputana Agency and placed under Western India States Agency. In Nov.8, 1948 an agreement was signed between the minor ruler of Sirohi & Government of India entrusting full powers relating to the state to central government on whose behalf administration was taken over by Bombay Government with effect from Jan 5, 1949.

An area of of 304 sq. miles (i.e. 787 sq.kms) consisting of Aburoad tehsil and a part of Delwara tehsil was merged with then Bombay state. The remaining part of the state came to Rajasthan. However, the entire sequestered area was returned to Sirohi district of Rajasthan State as it came to be formed when recommendations of the states reorganization commission were given effect to on Nov. 1st 1956.

The former state was divided into 6 tehsils Aburoad, Delwara, Pindwara, Reodar, Sheoganj, and Sirohi. In 1950 when the area merged in Rajasthan was divided into 5 tehsils. In 1951, consequent on merger of Bhawari with Pindwara.


The average rainfall of the district is 665 mm. The District has faced savior drought conditions for continuous five years. The average rainfall figure decreased since then. The average rainfall of sirohi in the year 2005 is 544 mm. The Tehsil wise average rainfall figure of the previous year is as follows-

Tehsil Average rainfall of previous
10 years 1996-2005 (mm)
Rainfall of 2006 (mm) Rainfall of 2007 (mm)
till 22nd Aug'07 )
Mount Abu 1286 2521 1182.1
Abu road 548 1286 625.0
Pindwara 634 1849 854.4
Reodar 551 1322 395.8
Sheoganj 460 965 569
Sirohi 520 1233 571.1
Average Rainfall of the district 668 699.56
Rainfall of the recent season

The total rainfall of this year 2006 from 1-06-2010

Daily Rainfall Information for the year- 2010
S.No. Tehsil Name Rain Gauge Station Average Rainfall
in (mm)
Today i.e. 22/09/2010 Rainfall
in (mm)
Rainfall from 1st June 2010
to till day i.e.upto 22/09/2010
in (mm)
1. Abu road Mt. Abu 1289 0.0 1484.0
Abu road Abu road 642 0.0 678.0
2. Pindwara Pindwara 743 0.0 768.5
3. Reodar Reodar 612 0.0 710.0
4 Sheoganj Sheoganj 447 0.0 450.1
4 Sirohi Sirohi 562 0.0 612.7
DAMs & Rivers of the Districts

The main river are Jawai, Sukhadi, Khari, bodi, krishnavati, kapalganga, and Banas. The main dams of the district are BANAS, ODA, DANTA, CHANDELA, Girwar, Niboda, Javal, KarodiDwaj, Angor etc.


On the whole districts has dry climate. Heavy rainfall occurred in the district this year i.e. 2006.

Maximum Temperature

The maximum temperature is 47 oC.

Average Temperature

The average temperature is 23 oC.

Average Humidity

The Average Humidity is 62.


As per 2001 census, the Total Population of Sirohi district is 8,50,736.

Category Figure
Male 4,37,534
Female 4,13,222
Total 8,50,736


Category literacy Rate(in%)
1991 2001
Male 31.94 54.39
Female 16.99 37.37
Total 48.93 91.76

Social Development Indicators (2000-2006)

Below poverty line : 31.01
Infant mortality rate (IMR): 91
Maternal mortality rate: 7
Birth rate: 32.21
Death rate: 9.2
Industries: Dairy-Products, Bread, Ice, Cotton-Spinning, Chemicals, Plastic-Products,
Cement, Surgical-Equipment
Industrial Centres: Abu Growth Centre
Main Markets: Sheoganj, Abu road
Main Banking Centres: Abu Road, Sheoganj
Geographical Location: Between 24°15' and 25°17 ' north latitude and 72°16' and 73°10' east longitude
Area: 5,136 sq km
Adjoining Districts: North: Jalore and Pali; South: Gujarat; East: Pali and Udaipur; West: Jalore
Major Urban Centres: Abu Road, Reodar, Sheoganj, Mount Abu, Pindwara
Major Crops: Millets, Pulses, Sesame, Red Chillies
Major Rivers: Khari, Jawai, Sukri, Krishnawati, Kapalganga, Bandi, Sipu, Banas
Total no. of sub-districts: 2
Transport and communication
Post and telegraph services: Post offices: 177, post & telegraph offices: 15 (2000)
State highways passing through the district and road services: National Highway 14 connects the district with Pali and Gujarat.
State High-way 19 connects Kalandri with Ramseen of Jalore district.
Other important roads in the district are:
Mount Abu-Abu Road, Revdar-Mandwara road, Manadar-Sirohi Road
Important railway stations and railway services: Sirohi Road, Abu Road
Other Important Information
Population (2001 census): 850,756
Below poverty line: 31.01%
Literacy rate (2001): 54.39%
Infant mortality rate (IMR): 91
Getting there >> Air : The nearest airport is at Udaipur, 185 km from the district headquarter.
Rail: Connected by rail, with a station at Abu Road and Sirohi Road. Abu Road (29 km)
is linked with Ahmedabad, Delhi, Jaipur and Jodhpur.
Road: Sirohi is well-connected by road with Udaipur (185 km), Ahmedabad (221 km)
and Jodhpur. (326 km)
Fairs & Festivals
Fairs and festivals: Parsuram festival, Swarneswar ji festival, Matra Mata mela, Ganguar festival,
Vastanji festival, Jagganath festival, Gaur mela
Religious places: Ajari, Sirohi, Chandola, Isra, Shivjang, Abu Road.
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