An Official web Portal of Sirohi-District.
An Official web Portal of Sirohi-District.

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Shri V. SARAVANA KUMAR (District Collector)

Tel. No: 02972-221187(O), 221188(R), Mobile: 9414152444

Shri Sameer Kumar Singh (Superintendent of police)

Tel. No: 02972-220718(O), 220719(R), Mobile: 9928709333, 9530431300

Shri Virdhi Chand Garg (Cheif Executive Officer, ZP)

Tel. No: 02972-221058(O), 222344(R), Mobile: 8058020555

Shri Prahlad Sahay Naga(A.D.M.)

Tel. No:: 02972-220355(O), 220356(R), Mobile: 9414117477

Smt. Nirmala Visnoi (Add.S.P, Police)

Tel. No:: 02972-221208(O), 221205(R), Mobile: 9414123233

Vaccant Post (A.C.E.O, ZP)

Tel. No: 02972-222228(O), 222279(R), Mobile:

Shri Haulianlal Guite (S.D.M., Mt. Abu)

Tel. No: 02974-238489(O), 238490(R), Mobile: 9649134668

Shri Om Prakash Vishnoi (S.D.M., Sirohi)

Tel. No: 02972-222220(O), 222221(R), Mobile: 9799409229

Shri Shakti Singh Bhati (S.D.M., Sheoganj)

Tel. No: 02976-270717(O), Mobile: 9414151666

Shri Jitendra Panday (S.D.M., Pindwara)

Tel. No: 02971-280300(O), Mobile: 9414495867

Shri Ram Chandra (S.D.M., Reodar)

Tel. No: 02975-282220(O), Mobile: 9828315378

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